Wings & Wheels  gaat op 21  a.s. is afgelast. 

Te land en in de lucht


Welcome to

Wings & Wheels 2020 EHHO


A beautiful mix of old and new presents itself at the airport. Historical aircraft of the users of the field but also friends from home and abroad will be invited with their often unique aircraft. 

Modern aviation is also welcome, many types of Micro Light Airplanes are expected.

For visiting aircraft no landing fees will be charged.

But this is not everything! There are many more reasons to come to Wings and Wheels.


 PH-XXI at Wings and Wheels 2020






On May 21 also old and new aircraft, the first electric plane, old timers, motorcycles, tractors, limo, paratroopers, gliders, model aircraft, tracking dogs show and much more.

Extensive catering at the spring fair, sandwiches, coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine. 

The restaurant is also open for a delicious lunch. The steakhouse is open from 17:00. (reservation is advised.

For information and/or registration contact;
tel.: 0031 528266640
tel.: 0031 629296160